Terms and Conditions

Parking  / Lift Access

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure safe and close parking. Our crews will not park in illegal parking areas if you have failed to secure safe and close parking. If you fail to organise close parking, depending on the distance away from your residence, you may be charged a difficult access fee.

It is the customer’s responsibility to organise lift access / lift keys with building management. If you are moving into an apartment complex with lifts, you should notify building management of your move date and time, to ensure a quick and smooth move. City Express & Removals will not be held responsible in the event that you have failed to clear your move with building management, and are either delayed or unable to access your residence.

Other Fees/Surcharges

City Express & Removals is available on Sundays and Public Holidays at a surcharge. This is discussed with you at the time of your quote/booking.

All day moves that continue past 3pm on a weekday attract an overtime surcharge of $25 per 30 minutes or part thereof. For Saturdays, the overtime charge is an additional $40 per 30 minutes. If you are concerned about overtime rates, we suggest you book the first slot of the day, or if it is an extremely large move, consider moving over two days. 

Difficult access or 3rd story stair access moves will also attract a surcharge on the hourly rate. This will only apply to the time the crews are at the difficult access address.

Depending on where you live there will also be a diesel surcharge. This is a one off flat fee that you will be advised of at the time of your booking. Any discounts offered do not apply to this surcharge.

Pianos, Aquariums, Stone/Marble tables or furnishings, Pool Tables and Photocopiers also attract a surcharge based on their size and accessibility. You will be advised of the amount, and any conditions of removal at the time of your booking.

If you pay by Visa or Mastercard there will be a transaction surcharge of 5%.



All cancellations should be made with no less than 24 hours notice. If you have not given enough notice, and a truck and crew are dispatched, you will be liable for the 2 hour minimum and all applicable surcharges regardless of work done. We understand that not everything goes to plan, so please call us and we will gladly accommodate any changes to your booking.

City Express & Removals may cancel or reschedule a booking under special circumstances. In these events we will give you a priority rebooking, however we hold no liability for losses due to these cancellations.

City Express & Removals may refuse service. Reasons for this include: if the load is not as described (vastly larger, speciality items, intentional under representation of job size) , if customers become abusive or threatening, if there is a safety risk or hygiene risk for staff or equipment, if we are unable to complete the work and a split move has not been arranged prior. City Removals may also refuse to move speciality items (pianos, aquariums, photocopiers), where prior arrangement has not been made, or if there is a risk of damage. City Removals will not be liable for any costs incurred on behalf of the mover, if service is refused.


City Express & Removals take great pride in our care and attention to detail for your possessions or goods. It is our pleasure to provide you peace of mind throughout the moving process.

At City Express & Removals’ discretion, we will accept liability for any damage due to negligence on our behalf during your move. However there are specific exclusions to this policy for items that are generally very fragile in nature or high risk, such as glass furnishings including TVs and aquariums, pianos, works of art, pool tables, stone tables and furnishings, and certain high value items.

Additional exclusions apply to Ready-to-Assemble [RTA] furniture and Latex mattresses which do not have their original commercial grade bags / boxes.

The cover also excludes items that are already damaged.

This cover is a gesture of goodwill on behalf of City Express & Removals.

As we are a lower cost removals company, all claims for damage and liabilities will be capped at 10% of your total removals payment.

All damages MUST be brought to the attention of the driver during your move.

If you are concerned about damages, we recommend that you take out contents insurance for your goods during transport, either through your home contents insurance or through a broker.


By accepting a booking with City Express and Removals, you are implicitly agreeing to these terms and conditions.